Virus Removal
Your Problem
If your computer is slow, unresponsive, behaving erratically, or won't even
start,  the problem could be a virus or other intruder such as adware or
spyware. Viruses, worms, trojans, and other man-made computer infections
continue to be more complex and dangerous each day and removing them
is becoming more difficult.

Our Solution
R-Tec employs sophisticated detection and removal techniques to make
sure that the system is clean and trouble-free. We can...

•   Remove the hard drive and scan for viruses in the lab computer to more
thoroughly detect viruses embedded in Windows
•   Run fixes for unrepairable viruses
•   Reinstall and update anti-virus software (if necessary)
•   Update Windows security patches to prevent future attacks
•   Install and run adware detection software
•   Format hard drive and reload Windows and other applications in cases of
extreme virus damage (if necessary)

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